Letter/report about MS 5th District meeting and clothing distribution, Laurel MS
Charles Hartfield, COFO

[See PDF Scan to view the original of this letter/report. This text-version has been re-typed from the original, formatted into paragraphs, and some typos have been corrected.]

Hello Alicia, I received your letter and the money orders which you mailed me in your previous letter with the checks. You stated that the two checks are for two weeks, so I guess that you are going away again for two weeks. I haven't had any more trouble cashing the checks, which you have been mailing to me. During the time that the supplies arrived here in Laurel, we weren't here, because of a district staff meeting which was held in Wave Land, Mississippi.

At this meeting, which we were attending, a great deal of constructive programs came out of it, such ground-breaking programs. This I will run through briefly, the role that this committee will play. The reason that it was formed is because of the FDP project which is planned for this summer. There are many counties that hasn't been touched by anyone. And it is the ground-breaking job to go into those counties and open them up for the people that is coming this summer. And I am one of the six persons which was appointed on this committee, and the next program; no, I shouldn't say program, but I will say issue that came up were this; to set up a neutral office for the 5th Congressional District and appoint its staff personnel and to set a structure for how this office and its staff should function. After the last issue, there were a bit of difficulties on how this central office should function. So, a steering committee was formed, and this committee consists of all the project directors of the 5th district. The main function of this committee will deal with all the major decisions. That have to be made in the 5th District and any alterations that is made.

Now back to the local level of our project. It is only fair. For me to let you know how we are dealing with the clothes that you send it down here. There are some ladies that is handling the clothes, we call them the clothes committee ladies. The way that they issue out the clothes is great. We run off some applications and give them to the committee; and they begin to walk door to door and give the applications to the people that need the clothes the worst. And this way the clothes get distributed proper and to the persons that really need them.

Oh yes, Mr. Power, has invited me to come to Madison for a while. And I accepted his invitation to come, but I did that without any consideration of how am I going to go to Madison at this point when there are many things going on here. And I have already ventured out into a neighbor county, next to Laurel, Wayne County, is the name of it. So, I will have to write Mr. Power back and tell him that I will have to come when I get Wayne open, since I have already begin in it. I am going to put some more information in this envelop and I hope that you can make something out of it for the cause.

Freedom and out Charles Nelson Hartfield