Civil Rights Movement
Letters & Reports: 1966 Alabama Elections


11/65Stokely Carmichael, SNCCLetter From Lowndes County (AL)
12/30/65Fay Bellamy, SNCCReport on Lowndes County tent city. (AL)
3/9/66Stokely Carmichael, SNCC Note to Lucy Montgomery re Tent City in Lowndes County, March 9 1966
4/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCHale County & May elections (AL)
4/17/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCField Report From Hale County (AL)
4/21/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCField Report From Hale County (Note: by the 21st, additional SCLC field workers and a project director had been assigned to Hale County.)
5/31/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCField notes, Hale County primary runoff election, May 31, 1966. Handwritten notes scribbled down on election day.


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