Report From Jonesboro LA
Fredrick Brooks, CORE
Undated, possibly 1964

From: Fredrick Brooks
To: Oretha Castle----North Louisiana Director of CORE
Jackson Parish, Jonesboro, Louisiana

  1. Voter-Registration-----Only three people have register since the book reopen. We plan on moving out of this area within the next week back to the rural areas. The area around the freedom house have been worked thoughly well. The heaviest non register negro area seem to be in the rural areas now.

  2. Fredoom School-----A meeting was held with the kids that was to attend the freedom school. The result of the meeting was very bad. The kids don't seem to be interested in forming the school. We have a meeting schedule for Saturday at 1 p.m. This meeting will consist of the kids and their parents. We also have the assistance of the coach of the high school here to help us organize the school.

    A kindergarten have been organize and set up here and classes are now under way. The kindergarten is set up for all childen under school age. Supplies are badly need for the school. I have made an order from the State Director of Freedom School but as of today the order haven't been received.

  3. Organization-----(J&D) club. The justice and Defense club was organized here in Jonesboro for the purpose of providing a defense in all civil cases and helping justice. A meeting was held last Tuesday night and plans were discuss for buying radio equipement for the club. A total of $236.00 was raised for this purpose. The radios are to bought this weekend. The club mostly consist of men who were active in the protection of the movement this summer. There are about four women in the club though.

  4. Community Awareness-----The spirit amoung the people of the community about CORE have been picking up well in the last few days. I think that the main reason why it have pick up so good in the past few days is because whites have moved back into the community. I think that it would be a good idea if at least one white stayed in Jackson Parish.

  5. Employment---------Complaint forms were file with the President's commitee on Fair Employment a few week ago about the segregation that existed at Continental Canning Company here in Jackson Parish. An investigation was made a few days ago and following the investigation all signs ("Colored & "White) were removed from the plant.

Submitted By Frederick Brooks

Copyright © Fredrick Brooks, 1964

[See Deacons for Defense & Justice for background information.]

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