Jeanne Breaker (Johnson)
From: Judy Richardson
Date: September 11, 2005

Haven't been able to keep up with the list recently, but wanted to post some good news (particularly after hearing that Flukie's wife passed away):

Jeanne Breaker (Johnson) is okay, as is her family (husband and two sons). She and her husband Phillip are staying with Jeanne's sister in Jacksonville, where she's from. One son is a fireman in NO and so is hard at work there.

A lot of us were worried about her so hearing from her was the best news I've had since this unnecessarily horrible thing was allowed to happen.

Oh, Bruce - could you post this on your list, too? Thanks!

 — judy

Pat Bryant
From: Gwen Patton
Date: September 6, 2005

I am ok. We left New Orleans Wednesday August31. We are trying to find housing in Baton Rouge now. I can be reached at 225-235- 0050 or 504-905-4137.

The past six days have been a humbling experience. I have seen unprecedented bureaucratic contempt and hatred for all that is poor and African.

Thanks for your concern. Love to all.

pat bryant

Les Galt
From: Heather and Bob
Date: September 4, 2005

We found Les Galt. His brother Fran contacted me today. He is in La Place, Louisianna. He rented a trailer for 3 weeks in a park there and plans to try to come back to New Orleans after that to see if anything is left of his belongings...or his city. He does not have a phone. But his brother will tell him you are concerned and he will I am sure try to contact you. HB

Daphne Wallace McClean
From: Sheila Michaels
Date: September 9, 2005

Daphne Wallace McClean is back home in Reserve, LA, after evacuating briefly to a cousin's house with fifteen other relatives, where she caught a bad cold from one of the children. She is now trying to find placements for the physically & mentally challenged children for whom she is a social worker.

Curtis Muhammad
From: Betita Martinez
Date: September 5, 2005

.. a very reliable report from Becky, a woman from New Orleans, now in Chicago, whom I talked with yesterday She is in touch with Curtis (Hayes) Muhammad, formerly of SNCC and a New Orleans residenrt along with other SNCC folks. Yesterday, Curtis was in Jackson, MISS with Bob Moses and lawyers discussing taking the case to the UN of violating human rights of black people in N.O.

More news to come.


Pat Smith Nelson
From: Sheila Michaels
Date: September 9, 2005

Pat Smith Nelson evacuated to some family in Atmore Alabama, shuttling between an aunt & cousin in their overflowing houses. She's being majorly jerked around by FEMA. Wants to leave & see her son, daughter-in-law & the three boys (all under six). They evacuated to Houston, but his NOLA employer, Whole Foods, found a job & apartment for him in Dallas after he walked into the Houston store & introduced himself. He invited a cousin to the apartment, so it is now two families, seven children in that little apartment: but they were lucky Whole Foods was able to find anything, I suppose. The adults are fine with it, but the children are uncomfortable.

Kalamu ya Salaam (Val Ferdinand)
Date: September 3, 2005

kalamu ya salaam and his immediate family luckily escaped nola but with no funds (and only clothes on their backs). they are taking refuge in houston with a friend, i believe.

he is not seeking charity but work for income-speaking engagements, book and poetry readings, college teaching assignments , lectures, etc.


c/o voris richard
5913 pate rd
houston, tx 77016

Matt (Flukie) Suarez
From: Ed Dubinsky
Date: September 7, 2005

I spoke with Flukie last night. Beverly (puddin') Suarex died a little after noon on Tuesday, Sep. 6. She was deeply upset about the total loss of their house, cars, business (they ran a very successful Day Care Center in the 7th Ward).

They have a very large extended family (five children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.) all living in or close to New Orleans. Now everyone was going to different places where they could find housing and jobs. This also upset Bev. She was extrmeely tense ever since theyt left New Orleans, on Saturday before Kaatrina struck. The thought of facing life with all their possessions gone, their family disintegrated and back to the poverty from which they had raised themselves was more than she could take.

Flukie said she woke up Tuesday morning looking awful. They were out shopping and he realized she had to go back to where they were staying and rest. As they were holding hands and crossing the street, she collapsed and the Rescue Squad could not revive her.

If there is a positive note, it is that Flukie and Bev were together at the very end as they had been for the last 38 years.

They are trying to arrange thge funeral for Saturday with a temporary internment to be moved to New Orleans later. I am trying to arrange flights to attend the funeral. IF anyone has messages and I can get there, I will deliver them.

The tragedy of hundreds of thousands becomes even more real when it is personal.

Ed Dubinsky

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