Vanguard Foundation to Sponsor People's Hurricane Fund
September 6, 2005

Hi everyone,

First, we have received a tremendous response to our call for help and we are greatly energized and excited by the growing network of activists out there who are willing to lend a hand at a moment's notice. Thanks so much for everything everyone is doing and has offered to do- it is truly amazing.

In light of the generous volume of responses, we have moved to set up an account with the Vanguard Public Foundation, which has a long history of social justice philanthropy and also has the staff capacity to manage this level of effort.

Danny Glover, who was one of the original conveners of the first national meeting of the Quality Education as a Civil Right Campaign (QECR) at Howard University in March, 2005 and serves as the Honorary Chairperson of the QECR Coordinating Committee. Mr. Glover also is the co-chair of the Board of Directors of the Vanguard Public Foundation.

Please let everyone know that donations should be earmarked for the People's Hurricane Fund and checks made out to:

We are working on creating a method by which people can donate via credit card on the website.

Thank you again for all the work everyone is doing,

Becky Belcore
Volunteer Organizer
Louisiana Research Institute for Community Empowerment (LaRICE)

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