Do you have 60 seconds?
Help mobilize thousands for justice in the South!
December 6, 2005

60 seconds is all it takes to pick up the phone, call your favorite radio show, and make a shout out that lets thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors know how to get involved in actions to demand their right to return home and rebuild.

The People's Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition (PHRF) and the Mississippi Distress Relief Coalition are sponsoring an unprecedented 3 days of education, strategy, action and culture for thousands of displaced storm survivors December 8-10th. The displacement and poverty of so many of our sisters and brothers from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama makes them hard to locate and mobilize for action to demand their rights to real relief, to return home and to rebuild.

That's where you come in. All you have to do is:


LIVE RADIO CALL IN SHOWS: [all times daily except where noted]

For more information on the People's Hurricane Relief Fund conference and March on New Orleans, visit Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight Coalition or call 1.888.310.PHRF (7473)

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