A Test of Moral Integrity
Statement of Support for the Mississippi Congressional Challenge
Dr. Martin Luther King
(Southern Christian Leadership Conference)
May, 1965

Today, on the 11th Anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation in the public schools, the MFDP has filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives the more than 600 depositions taken in support of the Challenges to the seating of the entire congressional delegation from Mississippi. This indeed is a momentous and historical moment. I wholeheartedly support, as I have from the beginning, these Challenges.

The unseating of the Mississippi congressmen will be the test of the moral integrity of the Congress of the United States. The weakening of the voting bill by the Senate's shameful action in stripping away the anti-poll tax provision makes it absolutely imperative that the House of Representatives does not waiver in its obligation to unseat the congressmen. The unseating will make any voting bill meaningful. I, therefore, again pledge myself and the SCLC to the fullest support of the Challenges of the MFDP and call upon all Americans to join with me in this commitment.

See MFDP Congressional Challenge (CRMVets ~ History & Timeline) for background & more information.

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