Cracking the Color Line ~ CORE Actions 1942-1961 [PDF]

This 32 page pamplet contains multiple articles about CORE Actions & Campaigns from 1942 to 1961.


Main Contents:

Dinner at Stoner's Restaurant sit-in, Chicago, 1942
A Tale of Two Cities Lunch counter sit-ins, St. Louis & Baltimore, 1953-1954
The Customer is Always White Nonviolent actions against segregation before 1960
The Blackboard and the Ballot School desegregation actions, Nashville & Richmond, 1957-1959
Southern Exposure Sit-ins, Miami, 1959
Knock on Any Door Employment & housing discrimination actions, 1958-1961
Gentlemen, Be Seated Lunch-counter sit-ins, 1960-1961
"... And Leave the Driving to Us"   Freedom Rides, 1961

Cracking the Color Line [PDF]

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