Your Thoughts — 2006

Stumbled across your site from - thank you for having this site. I am reading books by Howard Zinn - and he has so much information about the history of the USA - that I wanted to explore more - history that seems to get buried. But as the USA continues to go off to war - it's important to remember what we did to our own people in the USA ... thanks again.

 —  tasha, Bay Area, California, 08-23-2006

May I say what a privilege it is to happen across this site, from which I will glean useful information for my radio talk show "Pulse of the Pee Dee" airing Sundays at 6 p.m. EST on Cumulus of Florence's Magic 94.3 FM (WCMG). In fact, this Sunday I will be interviewing four veterans of the civil rights movement who are likened to local heroes with global impact. They are still alive and well to discuss the journey and this show is for the entire family! Stay connected and Godspeed.

 —  Rennie Lunn-McAllister, Timmonsville, SC, August 19, 2006

I find things like this rather interesting. Over the past few months I have been working on questions for the Black Heritage Review Quiz Bowl Challenge. One of the categories is Civil Rights and quite a few of the names listed here are part of the competition questions.

There are more than 200 questions on Civil Rights alone and it was interesting to see many of the names that placed major roles, often in obscurity, but, were no less important to the movement. One of the names that comes to mind is Harry T. Moore. I was in Florida last year and there was an article about a a center honoring him. I had never heard of him before that, only to find that he was another of those great souls like Medgar Evers who stood so tall against great odds, only to die at the hands of cowards.

As we prepare for the Quiz Bowl Challenge, we are making a concerted effort to have adults and youngsters to work together to get deeper in our history. I have a degree in history and when I went back to the tenth grade, I estimated that I had answered about 1200 questions on all areas of history. At last count, I had put together more than 2100 questions on Black history alone. We discovered that there were so many gaps that needed to be filled in the knowledge base, and we are doing our best to fill those gaps.

 —  Fred, North Carolina,

Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanx.

 —  Marilyn, New,

It is courage and passion to do the right thing that has motivated these incredible leaders. I pray that one day I too can contribute to the Civil Rights Movement as they did.

 —  Samantha K. Lahner, Los Angeles, CA, August 8th, 2006

This is fantastic site. I am happy and proud to add my name.

 —  Rosa LaGrand, Battle Creek, MI, August 2, 2008

I really enjoyed the site it's very well put together, and speaking as a Mississippi native from Natchez I want to say I appreciate everything that all of the Freedom Fighters accomplished and went through to get us to where we are now. This site is a testament to those known and unknown who lived, fought and died as well as the survivors. Nothing but love for yall. Thank you for this.

 —  Casey Williams, Santa Clara CA/ Natchez MS, 08-01-2006

I wanted to take the time to say thank-you for allowing me to have a chance to live my life in freedom. Your willingness to give your life for others to live, has to be commended. I will always remember the movement and the contributions of others to ensuring that it was successful. I might not take the time to say thank-you, but please know that I am grateful everytime I wake up and see another day. May you all have a bless day and future.

 —  C. Herd, Memphis, TN, 8-1-2006

I would like to pay my respect, honor and appreciation for the service and the blood, sweat and tears you've shed to ensure that I had the right to vote.

We stand on your shoulders and run the race.

 —  Gil, South Bend, IN USA, 08-01-2006

Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service.

 —  Nike, New,

Your site is very interesting and useful

 —  Elizabeth, Israel,

I browse and saw you website and I found it very interesting.Thank you for the good work, greetings

 —  Amanda, Canada,

I you all love!

 —  Britney, Sweden,

One day my name will be amoung the elders — The struggle continues...........................................
One Love

 —  Lee Anson Grayson (OsirOnyx "Falcon" Africa ), Rochester New York, 7-17-06

"Tatenda" means "thank you" in Shona. I truly appreciate your strategy, advocacy, and action to help advance civil rights for African Americans. I especially thank the children who had a major role. A Houston council woman always says that, "Everyone cannot do everything, but if everyone does something everything will get done."

 —  LaTonya Davis, Washington, DC USA, June 27, 2006

Thank you. And again,"Thank you".

 —  Jakki, Newark, NJ, 06-08-06

Like the new look of the site. Lynton

 —, USA,

Well, that's a great site!

 —  Veronika, Salzburg, Austria, Europe, 05-28-2006



Thank you to all these people that I've read about in this website who gave of themselves to make much needed change in our society. I found this website in my search for inspiration to do the same.

 —  Maria Williams, Long Island, NY, may 18, 2006

i really enjoyed this website

 —  mike jones, new haven,


 —  Jenna S., New Jersey, May 11, 2006

Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.

 —  osru, osru, osru

Holy Moly! some people are so mean!

 —  Erica S., South Orange ,New Jersey, May 11, 2006

My head is bowed in solemn honour and my heart inspired by the stories of these great veterans of justice who stood up for truth, human dignity and indeed the rest of us. Many freedoms taken for granted and enjoyed today in America by citizens, immigrants, visitors of all races are owed to your valiant efforts and sacrificies. Yes, I know it it is not perfect here, but it is never anywhere on earth but truth be told America is not where it was in the 1950s and 1960s. My African heart is humbled by these stories and yet strenghtened by them. God bless you all. ... Chukwudum Ikeazor

 —  Mr. Chukwudum Ikeazor, London, United Kingdom, 05-04-2006

Am still shocked that people could treat other people in such as inhuman way. God rest their souls and it is down to those brave people that the world is changing.

 —  Lucy Spencer, U.K., 5.4.2006

Thank you for a most informative site. I am a religious studies teacher of a large comprehensive in the rural South Hams of Devon, where there is generally little contact with peoples of any ethnic minority. It is therefore even more important that websites such as yours are there to inform and educate the next generation of what has gone before, not only in their own country but in others as well.

 —  Norman Wright, Kingsbridge, Devon, England, 05-02-2006

It is Amazing... I like it with passion!

 —  Sid Little, Canada, May 2, 2006

This website is amazing, it is crazy what everyone had to go through to fight for what they believe the civil rights movement will never be forgotten.

 —  James Perfetto, Pennellville NY, April 25 2006

an inspiration. fantastic web site. good luck.

 —  maurice, england, 4/17/06

To all our brothers and sisters who endured what I am so very proud to represent........Thank you God Bless, you will NEVER EVER be forgotten. No war can amount to your struggle and your sacrifice.

 —  Oliver M. Cook Jr., SSgt, USAF, San Antonio, TX, April 12 2006

I send my deepest Love and Respect to the veterans. Freedom!

 —  Tristan Seith, Munich, Germany, 10.4.06

What a powerful website with a great oral and written history of the movement. Thanks for creating this powerful website for all Americans and people from all around the world to share.

L. Nathaniel Rock

 —  L. Nathaniel Rock, Silver Spring, Maryland, 04/06/2006

this is one of the best webstates i have ever be to

 —  tabitha, Higbee, 04-06-06

i love the web site

 —  ozwick, USA, 4-5-06

Dear Veterans,

I am Abby Derr. I am doing a National History Day Project on the Highlander Folk School. (started in 1932 by Myles Horton in Mounteagle, TN). Myles Horton and the staff of Highlander worked with the southern labor movement in the 1930's - 1950. In 1953 they switched gears to the civil rights movement. 1953, even before Brown v Board they held a workshop on integration of public schools. They helped start the citizenship schools (Septima P. Clark and Esau Jenkins)

They are probably most famous for their workshop attended by Rosa Parks. (summer before her act of disobedience.) They also hosted workshops for sit-in students (apr. 1 - 3, 1960) They worked with COFO and SNCC, SCLC. Stokely Carmichael nearly took a bullet at Highlander from KKK members shooting the place up in 1961.

Guy Carawan (Highlander staff member) taught students "We Shall Overcome" at Highlander and at the meeting in 1961 that formed SNCC.

I am very much would like to e-mail or phone actual veterans that attended a Highlander workshop (Mounteagle or Knoxville) or a workshop off campus. They helped organize (advise might be better phrase) a lot of SNCC workshops. I believe based on my research that Highlander and Horton Myles was a good friend to SNCC and the Civil Rights movement. But I want to hear what real veterans have to say.

Books are great, but nothing is as valuable as actually getting the opinion of a participant. I am really excited about my project and learning about an era in history that I can only read about in books.

From my heart, I want to thank you all for your courage and determination. I know my world is better because you all were willing to place the needs of future generations before your own comfort and happiness. Thank you. We study Revolutionary War heroes, but if they were smart we would spend a great deal more time studying the Civil Rights Movement and the veterans of it.

If any of you attended Highlander or any workshop that was connected with it I would so appreciate your memories and opinions. (if you knew Myles Horton or Mary Lawerance, Septima Clark, Bernice Robinson , Guy Carawan, or any other staff member or participant.)

I know that I am asking alot of a group of people who already have given so much, but I would really appreciate your help and knowledge.

Thank you

 —  Abby Derr, Columbus, GA. 04-05-06

Hi, Nice website Good luck! Mike

 —  Mike Bert, ,


 —  Brittany Hamilton, Harpersville, AL 35078, 04-04-06

I am in the process of writing a newsletter, Speaking Out. The mission of this newsletter to increase the awareness of the American public of how racism, although, it is not politically correct to truthly speak on, is still a very prevelent and destructive in our culture today. The articles i have obtained from this site have been very, very informative and helpful in the prepration of the newsletter. thank you very much for your dedication and research in providing this information. We are still part of the struggle for justice, equality and equity. vtams

 —  Velmatine Smith, Lexington, MS 39095, March 27, 2006

I am an assistant professor who focuses on civil rights. Some time back when you made a call for additions to an important events page for the veterans web site I suggested Robert Clark. I hadn't visited the site in a while, but I did recently looking for sources for my students. I just wanted to commend you on how great your movement links page is. It is a real resource.

Thanks for all of your hard work. It isn't going unappreciated.

Rachel Reinhard
Assistant Professor
History/Social Studies
SUNY Cortland

Excellent web site - very good set-up and source collection.

It has been very helpul to me in the course of my studies into the 1960s in America.

 —  Joanne Roberts, Penmaenmawr, Wales, Great Britain., 18/02/2006

this a great website. i learned a lot of new things and i helped me to do my timeline for this year black hisdtory month. its so amazing to have this wonderful site so that us of young teens can view it. and i also like the poetry page because i write myself. i have high respect for theses people.

 —  Jessica Cole, Baton Rouge La, feb. 17, 2006

I think it is nice to have this information available to help children like me learn about the Civil Rights Movement and the Bus Boycott. I especially was saddened by the pictures of the children that were affected at this time.

 —  Codie Lynn Spuhler, Gibraltar, MI USA, 02/16/2006

45 years later the strugle continues. fellowship house, phila pa 1959-1961. eastern shore of md, also PGcounty md.

 —  david s johnson, phila, pa (current SALISBURY MD), 02/14/2006

It is so cool to see all the pins and the poems.


I truly feel jipped that i don't know about my Black American History like I should. I'm happy that growing up primarily in the North while attending primarily white schools i'm still able to know enough and appreciate what my people/race has done. I'm am truly grateful it makes me want to make a diffenrence. At the same time it makes me sad to see what some of our people have come to this day and time. Kids are ignorant and don't even understand or appreciate the things that they have. They really don't know how fortunate they are. Marain Luther King Jr. Day is just a day off from school they don't really understand which is sad. I've been living in Georgia going on three years now and I didn't even realize I live where most important history took place. I just wanted to say i'm grateful and thank all those before me who made it possible for me to be HERE where i'm am today. Well clothed, feed, employed, sheltered, the list goes on. But Thank You.

 —  Sherry D. Middleton, Atlanta Georgia, 02/01/2006

I am doing an internet project on the Civil Rights Act, and this site has given me more information than any other site I have found. It is beautifully put together,"Thank You" to everyone who had any part of putting this wonderful knowledge filled website together.

 —  Kaila R., Oklahoma city, Ok, 01/24/06

You have done a beautiful job putting together this website. It has really helped me in focusing on the truth and my cultural history. This website is ultimately AMAZING! THANKS!

 —  Rebeca Jean, Philadelphia,PA, 01-24-06

This website is great!!!!

 —  Cindy, Germany, 23.01.06

this site was no help 4 my MLK investigation thnx 4 0

 —  undisclosed, undisclosed, 01/19/06

Excellent website! Great source of information!

 —  Peaches Ostalaza, St.Thomas,United States Virgin Islands, January 14, 2006

Great website!

 —  Nijgia, Mayslanding NJ, January 5, 2006