Civil Rights Movement Veterans Guestbook
January — June, 2005 Entries

I've been looking at this site for some time now, but have never taken the time to express how important I think this is. It is important to have the stories recorded and even more important ot have them readily accessible for anyone, especially young people for whom the internet is a powerful tool often used.

 —  Foster Dickson, Montgomery, AL, June 27, 2005

I discovered this website by chance and was so pleased to learn that there is an effort to document this important segment of American History. The information is great!

I am teaching the History of the Civil Rights Movement at American Baptist College in Nashville, TN. ...and this site will become a part of my library/internet homework for students in the class.

 —  Graham P. Matthews, Ph.D., Nashville, TN, May 16, 2005

i was supposed to take notes on some of the civil rights movements for my 7th grade history class when i found this website. i was sickened by the things i saw, but i was also amazed by the way you all handled it, i know that i wouldnt have been nearly brave enough to walk around town with some of those things going on.

 —  Evan Cropek, champaign, Il., 5-16-05

This sight is great for high school studnts to learn off of and what it was like during the movement thanks to who ever put it up!

 —  Brandi, WAlla Walla WA, USA, 05-02-05

Ganz Toll

 —  Heiko Peckham, Deutschland, 1.5.05

I really liked the website. the sad part about the website is seeing my people being hosed, beat, and getting the dogs on them.

 —  Chanel Harris, Columbia S.C., 4-27-05

I really love this website and I like the fact that it helped me find so much information about the Civil Rights Movement. I will definately be back and I am going to tell all of my classmates to visit too!!

 —  Mynika, Charlotte, North Carolina, 04-23-05

This is a great website! It really helped me with my A-level coursework about the civil rights movement in America. Cheers!

 —  Becks, England, 25-04-05

i'm glad i finaly found a site with reall info and i am so interested in the civil rights movement

 —  devyn, grants pass oregon us, 4-22-05

This website helped me find the thing i needed for my report about the Civil right movement!

 —  Tiffany Beliel, Blackwell, Oklahoma, 4-22-05

This website is so amazing. I could wander through the different links and the photo gallery for days. Thank you so much for putting this together.

 —  Leah S. Banks, Burlington, NJ, USA, 4- 22-05

I think that this website is filled with interesting facts about this era. And I hope that in the future you will make more websites like this.

 —  Eric Gonzales, Jacksonville/Texas/, 4/18/o5



I am working on a research paper concerning the Freedom Summer Project. The information contained on this website has been very useful to fully understand the situation of these brave individuals in Mississippi endured. This is not my home state, but I truly admire their courage their. I deeply appreciate their inner strength and determination to ensure my future right to vote and will not let their efforts be in vain. Thanks to them - and in their memory, I will always exercise my voting rights.

 —  Anonymous, Mississippi, 04/16/2005

I'm an African/Australian and i really feel for the people that went through so much for no reason at all, i am also very proud of who i am and were i come from.

 —  Mapule Thinane, Deloraine,Tasmania,Australia, 04/14/05

i love civil rights
they mean so much to me
when i am blue i just think of my civil rights
and i am instantly happy again
i honestly don't know what i would do without the civil rights that we have today
and last but not least i would just like to state

that i am freaking in love with civil rights

 —  Bobofett Johanson-Johanson, Preston, Idaho, April 7, 2005

This is a great source for materials on civil rights which I spend a couple of weeks on in my community college classes. Thanks for your work then and now. mks

 —  Mary Kay Scullion, Lasnsing, MI, 04-06-2005

I want to take a minute to thank you, each of you, for the effort you have put into this site. Also, thank you for making the dream for equal rights a reality. Because of you, my children have a better life than the folks who came before them.

 —  Joanne Knight, Providence, Rhode Island, 4-4-05

Thank you so much for this site. I am working on a humanities project about Freedom Summer and this site has been a huge help. I am extremely interested in history and found this site to be very informative and useful to my research. I found the Veterans Roll Call most useful as I was able to contact some people who were a part of the movement. This website help to further ignite my passion for research of civil rights facts as I feel call to work in the area of social justice and reconcilliation. Keep up the good work!

 —  Angela Abraham, Tulsa, Oklahoma, march 25, 2005

Whoa mate! This is some great stuff. I've been looking all over the net for info about the Black Civil Rights Movement and had no luck until now. So a big shout out to all the people who put this site together, it's been a great help. Cheers!

 —  Kate , New Zealand, 22/03/05

We have a huge exam about CIvil Rights Movement in the United States, and I was very worried about my exam. This site gave me informations and helped me to understand. ThankYou! Wish me luck on the exam!

 —  Susana Bernard, California, 3/3/05

I have a huge exam coming in our class about the civil rights movement that is 600 pts! well, i was so worried about it, since i hardly didnt know anything. But this site helped me understand alot! thanks! wish me luck!

 —  Margaret Jones, California, 3/3/05

Thank you so much for this website. it helped me so much with it's good information i used on my project on the civil right movement, thank's again


 —  Jamie hazouri, , 3-2-05

Thank you so much for this informative site. I am thankful for all the infromation that is available, I wish more young people could see it. It is a shame that a lot of our young black children do not know anything about our history, for it is our history that is shaping our now and tomorrows. Thank you again for your wonderful site.

 —  L Donnell, Arlington, TX , 02/25/2005

This is a great website to learn more about the civil rights movement and a lot about african american history. This site is also good to look at in Febuary because it's black history month so that kids can know more about african american history.

~Shavon Johnson~

 —  Shavon Johnson, Harrisburg, PA, febuary 11th 2005

Thank you so much for the website. It taught me so much about the Civil Rights Movement and I really enjoyed looking through your pages. In school, we are now learning about the Civil Rights Movement and we create multiple projects, both artistic and informational. This has helped me and many of my friends alot on the class. Thanks again!

 —  Robin Black, Sun Valley, ID, US, February 1st, 2005

Searching for information regarding the murder of my Uncle in Holly Springs Mississippi, August 1963. His name was Wayne Yancey AKA Wayne Wilson Yancey. He was a part of SNCC. This site has given me hope in finding closer for my family.

 —  Marguerita Yancy, 25 January 2005

The images is what i came for on this website, but I have left with a lot more.

 —  Amanda Jones, Douglas Georgia, January 25, 2005

I've just learned of Jim Forman's passing. He was a major hero to me. He took time with me, spoke with me, looked me in the eyes, and all of that because of his love for SNCC and what it was all about. He wrote a poem about me leaving the Raymond St office -- a long time ago -- for better or worse that poem captured me.

I join the rest of you in missing him. My sincerest wishes for peace are sent to his children and all of his loved ones.

 —  Pat Margulies, Thousand Oaks, CA, Jan 11, 2005

My Uncle Father Wymerd Galligan from Saratoga and Boston, marched with MLK in Selma and was part of the Civil Rights movement. He has recently passed away, i was checking into his history with the movement. JJN

 —  John J Nelson, Corpus Christi, Texas, 01/11/2005

Having been to the Mississippi Delta while with an NEH grant group working with the Hamer Institute at Jackson State University, your site is an addition to what I can share with my students. High school students today do not realize what struggles there have been in our nation and in their own communities.

Please keep this site available to all future generations we must not forget!!

 —  Gary Hoog, St. Augustine, FL, 1-06-2005

This was a really good website. It helped me a lot.

 —  Jes, brooklyn NY, 1/3/05