Civil Rights Movement Veterans Guestbook
July — December, 2004 Entries

I was proud to see a website on the history of SNCC. I remember my brother-in-law James Forman and others meeting in my parents' Chicago home in 1960. Jim and my sister left Chicago to join the Atlanta branch of SNCC. Through them I was able to meet the likes of Julian Bond, John Lewis, and Bernice Reagon. Jim was Field Secretary in Atlanta and marched along with Dr. King.

 —  Sharon Hughes, Harvey IL, 12-23-04

the pictures are unbelievable!

This had been a great resource for me thank you very much for all thoes interviews you allowed me to do.


 —  collette walsh, brooklyn N.Y, 12/17/04

I am doing a research paper on the Civil Rights Movement (past and present acts of the KKK.)If anyone has anysort of information about the KKK please post it on this website in the guest book thank you the deadline is the 21 of december 2004

 —  CELI, NEW YORK, 12/16/04

I agree that it was verry rude for whites to treat blacks like that just because of their skin color. Being an African-American myself i believe that we shouldn't of been treated like that. This is a great website.

 —  kaylyn dunham, united states/dubuque,iowa, 12-2-04

I needed this website for a school project on the civil rights movement, and it helped me out absolutly NONE, this is one of the crapiest website I've ever seen....please do some reconstruction on the site, so that it will be more helpful to the people who need to use it in the future.

 —  matt tetas, Laguna Beach, California, 11-30-04

Where is Anne Moody? Ms. Moody, if you are out there, I want to say that I love you and I appreciate all that you've done for the Movement. The freedom that I have is in part because of the Love you shared. You're a great American Hero. God Bless you Essie Mae.

 —  Larry D. Murray, New York, New York, November 11, 2004

This website is very interesting and it helped me with in fo that I did not know.

 —  Ti, New York, 11-19-2004

I am inspired by the civil rights movement!!

 —  sam, usa, 11-18-04

I think this site had alot of good info. I likes "Our Stories" it had some great interviews in it!

 —  Tracy Spencer, Oostburg WI, 11/10/04

This website is a great source of information for those who did not live during the time of the struggle, also great because this generation need to know their history and the struggle our forefathers fought to ensure us the freedoms we enjoy today.

 —  Barbara J. Dixon, Houston, Texas, November 05,2004

I love the information I recieved from reading all of these links, I learned so much that I never know whent on. I appreciate all the people who shared their life stories to help people like me gain morew knowege on what happened during that time.

 —  Crystal Jenkins, Chico, California, 10-23-04

I am glad that I was able to read some of your experiences on this website. It moved me hearing many of your stories relating to the Civil Right's Movement. It must have been tough to live in such an unjustified period in the South.

 —  Michael Marques, Santa Cruz California, 10/20/04

I really enjoy reading this sight, every word that was written on it make me value even more all what you did, how hard you work and fought in this Movement... THANK YOU!!! I learned a lot from reading your experience.

 —  Pilly Rojas, Santa Cruz, Caifornia, 10-19-04

Im really happy that there ia a sight like this. It's awesome tho see what real people who where there have to say about the movement. It was reallyiteresting to read the stories and here points of views. Thank you!

 —  Mila Bock, Santa Cruz, 10/18/04

When I read some of the things poeple said it gives another perspective of the matter.we can read all the history books, but it doesn't really compare to what people's story's say on this web site. This is a very good web site and I hope you keep on with your wonderful work. Thank you!

 —  Elysa, Santa Cruz, California, October 15, 2004

Thanks for sharing your experiences. None of our History textbooks can be as good as a true story. It's always interesting to learn things through testimonious.

 —  Lolita, Cerizay, France, October 16, 2004

Reading everyones stories and everything they went through makes me think on how easy we have it. Everyone fought for what we have and some people dont seem to apreciate what they have. All the info on this site adds on to the things that I already know. Thank you for everything and keep on telling your stories.

 —  Eric Zambrano, Santa Cruz, Ca, 9/14/04

this site is really descriptive. It makes me sad reading all of this and how the african americans were treated unhumanly.i'm glad there is something like this to let people who are ignorant to these kinds of things, let them know how lkife was back then and be thankful we live in the day and age we live in now.

 —  Evie, California, oct.14,2004

I think this is a great website, to learn about the Civil Right movements. It has helped me understand this in a better way. I think its helpful to hear stories and facts coming from people that experienced all of this history themselves. I admire all the people that were involved in the civil right movement. Its increadable to see how much pain there was done. I dont believe in hurting an other human being and this is unreasonable. But all their pain, hard work,and suffering got them what they wanted. People that dont give up on achieving their goals are courageous and winners, just like all that suffered.

 —  Jasmine Galindo, Santa Cruz, California, 10-14-2004

the stories on this web site helped me understand what the impact on the freedom rides did to help get some protection for the african American in the time they most needed it.

 —  adolfo, santa cruz cali., 9-14-04

I absoultly love what you are doing for the civil rights movement. It releases alot of vitale info for students like me. Thank you

 —  jordin cloar, santa cruz california, 10-14-04

I really enjoyed researching some of the contense on your website. I became very informed about real peoples thoughts and stories. Thanks for having such a great and informative site.

 —  Sean Paille, Santa Cruz, CA, 10-14-04

this site is amazing! it touched me in a way i never thought was possible. lots of good info.

 —  , santa cruz, 10/14/04

This is a information abountdant website which is great for getting a general sence of things quickly, however the orginization could be improved.

 —  J Eagle, Santa Cruz, Ca, 10/14/2004

this site really moving because it show so much that the people that contributed in the civil rights movement. Its one of the bravest things i have read

 —  Michael, Santa Cruz, october-14-2004

This site has very good information and it has helped me understand what people went through. Thanks

 —  Joey Zambrano, Santa Cruz, California, 10/14/2004

I really like how you guys did this page and how educational it is. I am a 11th grade student and I have learned a lot more from this page than I have learned from the history books we have.

 —  Alanna Deanne Clomon, Little Canada, Minnesota, USA, 10-14-04

I really like this web-site it's really informative and it's helpful to those of us who want to better understand what happened back in the time of the civil war movement. Many teachers can explain it but reading actual confessions and acounts is moving and powerful. Keep up the good work. Kit-Kat

 —  Kim Toney, Santa Cruz, CA, October 12, 2003



This was a very powerfull website. The insight that it gave me was really facinating. I don't enjoy hearing about the unjust inncidents that have occured in this country yet being provided with this knowledge is very neccisary. I appreciate the information that is shared on the web sites it was very accurate and helpfull to understand that time period.

 —  Zealand Reynolds, Santa Cruz California U.S.A., 10-12-04

I deeply respect what you have done with this website. It is very inspirational. thank you very much

 —  Miranda Emanuel , Santa Cruz, California, USA , 10-12-04

I really like this webcite and appreciate all of the work everyone has contributed. Thank you so much.

 —  Emilia Toro, Maryland, 10-11-04

I have alway loved civil rights ever since I saw Gone with the wind. I asked my mother why are the white people so mean? Being 5 and white I did not understand. But My mother told me about slavery and how it was wrong. for a long time after that I asked a lot of questions about slavery. In jr. high we lerned about the movement. I was filled with sadness that people had to go through that. However I was filled with joy when Iheared Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. give his speech. People in the movment were brave I think if I could have done the things they did. I am now a first yr student of college and I am studing civil right for all people. Thank you all for your love of freedom.

 —  Emily stinson, Escanaba Mi, 9/30/04

thank you to whom created this site any who has visited this site my thank you speaks for its self

 —  alicia, toronto, canada, 09-12-04

I'm working on a formal presentation for English about Maya Angelou. I couldn't find anything about her on this site but it was very interesting to read about all the other fighters. I think it's important to acknowledge everyone involved, everyone who would have giver their life for equal rights. Everyone has heard of Malcom X or Martin Luther King but what about the rest? You have made a beautiful testimony to all of those people as well as the well known ones! Thankyou for working to expand our knowledge and understanding.

 —  Kate Fogarty, Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 8 August 2004

I am currently undertaking a dissertation on the Mississippi Freedom Summer and was wondering whether any of those involved would be willing to give up some of their time to talk about their experiences, via post, e-mail, or phone - whichever is easiest. It would be really helpful, although I must also give my appreciation for this website - it is both moving and informative. If anybody would be willing to answer some questions, my e-mail address is

 —  Sascha Grimm, England, 08-06-2004