Freedom Movement Press Releases

NAACP 1955 Lynching of School Boy Laid to White Supremacy Drive in Mississippi, Sept. 1, 1955. (See Emmett Till Lynched for background.)
NAACP 1959 50th Anniversary Membership Campaign, , New Orleans
SNCC 1062Rock Hill SC Sit-in Press Release, February 6, 1961. See Rock Hill SC, "Jail-No-Bail" Sit-ins for background.
CORE 1962 47 Restaurants to Serve Negroes. (See Desegregate Route 40 Project for background.)
SNCC 1962 Shot Fired into Home of John Salter, Tougaloo College. December 23, 1962. (See Jackson MS, Boycotts for general background.)
SNCC 1962 Voter Registration Leader in Sumpter County GA Left Homeless After Home Destroyed by Fire, December 7, 1962
SNCC 1963 SNCC Field Secretary Arrested for "Vagrancy" While Walking on Campus Montgomery, AL. January 9, 1963. (Bob Zellner busted for visiting his alma mater.)
SNCC 1963 SNCC Field Sect'y Blasted in Greenwood Mississippi (Jimmy Travis shooting), March 1, 1963. (See Marching For Freedom in Greenwood for background.)
SNCC 1963 Two Held by Hattiesburg Police, September 21, 1963
SNCC 1963 Local High School Students Arrested in New Orleans, September 21, 1963
SNCC 1963 Senator Saltonstall Asks for Probe of SNCC Worker's Arrest, September 20, 1963. (See Americus GA Movement & "Seditious Conspiracy" for background.)
SNCC 1963 Air Force Refuses to Place Selma Off Limits, September, 1963. (See Selma — Cracking the Wall of Fear for background.)
NAACP 1964 New OrleansPolice Handling of Arrestees, undated.
CORE 1964 Arrest Library Sit-Inner — Though There is no Library for Negroes, Clinton, LA. March 12, 1964
COFO 1964 Six Civil Rights Workers Accused of Stealing Books, May 4, 1964.
COFO 1964 Mass Meeting in McComb, October 19, 1964. (See McComb — Breaking the Klan Seige for background.)
MFDP 1964 Fact Sheet: 1964 Freedom Vote Campaign, MFDP. Oct 30-Nov 2, 1964. (See MFDP Congressional Challenge for background.)
SNCC 1964 McComb Mississippi (re bombings), Nov. 27, 1964. See McComb — Breaking the Klan Siege for background info.
SNCC 1964 MS Congressman Wants One Party Government, Nov. 27, 1964.
SNCC 1964 Charges Dropped Against Two Held in '63 Shooting of Rights Worker, Nov. 29, 1964. See Marching For Freedom in Greenwood for background info.
SNCC 1964 Selma AL & Jackson MS (re U.S. Post Office & poverty-related deaths), Dec. 2, 1964.
SNCC 1964 November's Incidents Include Arresting Children, Killing Dogs, Burning Churches, Dec. 3, 1964.
SNCC 1964 Itta Bena MS, re college band and Rose Parade, Dec 5, 1964.
SNCC 1964 Murder charges against Americus civil rights activists dropped, Dec 5, 1964. See Americus GA Movement & "Seditious Conspiracy" for background info.
SNCC 1964 SNCC Workers Shot At, Dec. 15, 1964.
NAACP 1965 Re: Voter Registration in New Orleans, Aug. 31, 1965
CORE 1965 Violence Continues in Ferriday LA, December 19, 1965.
SNCC 1966 Murdered: Sammy Younge January 4. (See Sammy Younge Murdered for background.)

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