Civil Rights Movement Documents
Poor People's Campaign, 1968

Statement Announcing Poor People's Campaign, Martin Luther King. December 4, 1967.

Draft: To the President, Congress, and Supreme Court of the United States, Unsigned, assumed to be Dr. King and perhaps others associated with SCLC. February 6, 1968.

Economic Bill of Rights, SCLC ~ Martin Luther King. 1968.

Poor People's Campaign brochure, SCLC. Spring 1968.

Poor People's Campaign Checklist (for supporters), Bernard Lafayette, SCLC. Undated

Poor People's Campaign Flyer, SCLC. Early 1968

Minutes SCLC Poor Peoples Campaign staff meeting, March 28, 1968

Letter to Supporters Regarding Poor People's Campaign, Martin Luther King. April, 1968.

The Educational Task Force, Unsigned PPC. Undated 1968

Statement on the Poor Peoples' Campaign, unsigned Intereligious Committee on Race Relations (ICRR)

They Are Just Lazy, unsigned PPC talking points against argument that people are poor because they don't want to work hard. Undated 1968

What Has Gone Wrong and What Needs to Be Done, PPC talking points about poverty. Unsigned PPC. Undated 1968<

Who are the Poor?, unsigned PPC. Undated 1968

PPC talking points re Art Buchwald satire, Unsigned PPC. Undated 1968

Why Do We Need a Poor People's Campaign, Unsigned PPC. Undated 1968

Civil Disobedience and Violence, unsigned PPC. Undated 1968

The Technological Revolution: Human and Social Ecology, Michael Harrington, LID. Undated

"Black Power" is Black Pride, Elliot Bovelle, April 1968

Statement of Demands for Rights of the Poor, SCLC/PPC. May 1 1968

Demands of Poor People's Campaign to Executive Agencies, WILPF & AFSC, May 2, 1968

Statements to heads of government departments, unsigned Poor Peoples Campaign, April 28- May 1, 1968

Comments on Committee List, unsigned PPC. May 3, 1968

Dear Friend report and fund appeal re Poor Peoples Campaign and Resurrection City. Rev. Ralph Abernathy, SCLC. June 1968

Planning and Using Resurrection City, John Wiebenson. November 1969

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