Civil Rights Movement Documents
Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC)

[The Emergency Civil Liberties Committee was formed in 1951 to defend organizations and individuals who were being persecuted and prosecuted under the McCarran Act for their political beliefs during the McCarthy Era "Red Scare." The McCarran Act was used to suppress, persecute, and prosecute civil rights organizations and activists, labor leaders and unions, educators, peace advocates, authors, journalists, ; screen writers, and performers. Among those defended by the ECLC were were W.E.B. DuBois, Paul Robeson, and NAACP members (particularly in the South).

The McCarran Act (AKA Internal Security Act and Subversive Activities Control Act) was passed into law over President Truman's veto. It required members of organizations deemed by the Attorney General to be "subversive" to register themselves with the federal government; allowed the government to question anyone considered to be a threat to national security; deport non-citizens based on their political beliefs; and indefinitely detain anyone considered dangerous to national security.without trial. Almost all of its provisions were later ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.]


Rights was the primary publication of the ECLC.

Apr May 1962 Rights, Challenging the McCarran Act. Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC).
Feb Mar 1964Rights, Meikeljohn & Bill of Rights. Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC). Mrs. Eaton, James Baldwin, Anne Braden.
Feb 1965Rights, Homage to Alexander Mieklejohn. Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC).
March 1965Rights, Democracy on Campus. Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC). Free Speech Movement, Student Bill of Rights, Political Surveillance on Campus, HUAC.
June 1965Rights, Report From Alabama. Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC). Selma & March to Montgomery and Student Bill of Rights.
Jan Mar 1966Rights, The Draft. Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC). Vietnam, the draft, Julian Bond & GA legislature.


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