Jack Minnis
"Life With Lyndon in the Great Society"
(Example Issues)

Volume 1, Number 1, January 22, 1965
Volume 1, Number 8, March 18, 1965
Volume 1, Number 32, September 9, 1965

Jack Minnis ran SNCC's research department out of the Atlanta office. Starting in early 1965, he wrote and distributed a poorly mimeographed weekly research report titled "Life With Lyndon in the Great Society" that exposed the truth behind LBJ's carefully constructed facade of lies and misdirection.

These weekly reports played a significant role in the radicalization of SNCC, SCLC, and CORE field staff that began with the Johnson-Humphrey-Mondale betrayal of the MFDP at the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City in August of 1964. (See Mississippi Movement & the MFDP.)

Week after week Jack's reports analyzed current events — local, national, and international — in terms of the connection between wealth, power, and government policy. He identified the key decision makers and (long before Bernstein, Woodward, and Watergate) followed-the-money as it determined what was being done to whom — and why. He had the facts and he layed them out for all to see. And for many freedom fighters the conclusion was inescapable — the abuses we were fighting in the South were not abberations but rather symptoms of deep systemic injustices that applied nationwide and internationally.

Below are links to two examples of the "Life With Lyndon in the Great Society" weekly reports:

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