Staff Reports
From the Grenada Mississippi Movement 1966
Introduction & Background

[NOTE: This page is no longer being updated. See Documents of the Grenada Movement for a current list of Grenada-related reports and documents. ]

The reports from Freedom Movement field staff to headquarters were crucial for leadership planning, they often formed the basis of press releases and fund appeals, and were the raw material on which lawsuits and legal-defenses relied.

Unfortunately, reporting back to HQ was not a personal priority for most field organizers. After an exhausting day on the front lines, the last thing most freedom fighters wanted to do at night was peck out a report on some broken-down typewriter with a faded ribbon. And, to be honest, the kind of people who become activists fomenting rebellion against tyrannical authorities are rarely the kind of people who enjoy reporting their activities to distant leaders — even leaders they respect, admire, and honor.

Below are some example reports from Bruce Hartford during the Grenada Movement of 1966.

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