Alabama State Troopers
Field Interrogation Cards
Targeting Civil Rights Workers

In the mid-1960s the Alabama Department of Public Safety (that is, the state troopers) compiled hundreds of dossiers on people known to be active in the Civil Rights Movement. This was done in cooperation with various state police deparments and Sovereignty Commissions spread across the Deep South. From these dossiers they created sets of field interrogation cards that were distributed to all Alabama law enforcement agencies large and small so that they could easily identify and surveil known "agitators." As one SCLC staff member described it:

From the driver's seat, the officer waved me over to his car and I went down the half dozen dirt steps cut into the embankment. He introduced himself as the Chief of Luverne Alabama's tiny police force which consisted of him and perhaps two or three others. He asked me to identify myself which I did. There was a shoe box on the seat beside him. It was filled with alphabetized 5x7 cards. He riffed through them and pulled out one with my name, photo, arrest-record, and other details of my nefarious existence. "Is this you," he asked? I confirmed that it was. — Bruce Hartford

Below are interrogation cards for a few of the freedom fighters featured on this website. Note that in some cases the names on the cards are misspelled.

Ralph Abernathy
Zev Aelony
Dianne Nash Bevel
James Bevel
Willie Bolden
Richard Boone
Anne Braden
Carl Braden
Joyce Brown
Stokely Carmichael
Lois Chafee
Judy Coburn
Dave Dennis
Dion Diamond
James Dombrowski
Ivanhoe Donaldson
Charles Fager
James Farmer
Rachel Findley
Larry Fox
Golden Frinks
James Gildersleave
Joanne Grant
Lemuel Green
Dick Gregory
Richard Haley
Joseph ("Big Lester") Hankerson
Willian (Bill) Hansen
Jesse Harris
Jessie Harris
William (Bill) Haygood
Eleanor Holmes (Norton)
Leonard Holt
Miles Horton
William (Stu) House
Martin Luther King Jr.
Lucille (Lucy) Komisar
Bernard Lafayette
Paul Lauter
James Lawson
Jennifer Lawson
John Lewis
Worth Long
Posey Lombard
Andrew Marrisett
James Marshall
Willie McCray
Lester McKinnie
Landy McNair
James Monsonis
Linda Morse
Carver Neblett
Silas Norman
James Orange
George Paris
Wendell Paris
Penelope (Penny) Patch
George Raymond
Cordell Reagon
Gloria Richardson
James (Jimmy) Rogers
Howard Romaine
Bayard Rustin
Ruby Sales
John Salter
Simuel Schutz
Cleveland Sellers
Sam Shirah
Fred Shuttlesworth
Frank Soracco
Lafayette Surney
Harriet Tanzman
Jimmie Travis
Joan Trumpauer
Bennie Tucker
Albert Turner
Willie Vaughn
C.T. Vivian
Wyatt Walker
David Walsh
William (Bill) Ware
Hosea Williams
Stanley Wise
Dorothy (Dottie) Zellner
Bob Zellner

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