Structure of the Chicago Freedom Movement (CFM)

In 1966, the two main working committees of the Chicago Freedom Movement (CFM) were the Agenda Committee headed by Dr. King and Al Raby which was composed of the leaders of the most important component organizations, and the "Action Committee" which was headed by James Bevel and Bernard LaFayette, and composed of militant, nonviolent warriors. In theory, the Agenda Committee was responsible for the CFM's political direction, and the Action Committee for organizing, training, mobilizing, and protesting. But in real life those lines of demarcation and authority were blurry at best.

Agenda Committee

Martin Luther King, Jr: SCLC
Al Raby: CCCO
Bill Berry: Chicago Urban League
Reverend Arthur Brazier: The Woodlawn Organization (TWO)
Reverend Clay Evans
Reverend Arthur Griffin
Reverend Archie Hargraves: Urban Training Center
Charles Hayes: United Packinghouse Workers (UPW)
John McDermott: Chicago Catholic Interracial Council
Chester Robinson: West Side Organization (WSO)
William Robinson: CCCO
Kale Williams: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
James Wright: United Auto Workers (UAW)

Action Committee

SCLC Staff
James Bevel
Stony Cooks
Mary Lou Finley Bill Hollins
Jesse Jackson
Claudia King
Al Sampson

CCCO Staff
Sol Ice
Alvin Pitcher
David Wallace
Sara Wallace

AFSC Staff
Bernard LaFayette
Jerry Davis Bill Moyer
Bert Ransom

Community Organization Representatives
Bill Briggs: East Garfield Park Community Organization
Bill Darden: West Side Organization
Rennie Davis: JOIN
Bill Griffen/Preston Harwell: Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization
Bob Hoover/Lew Kreinberg: West Side Federation
Mike Lawson: Catholic Interracial Council
Andrew Ransom: Tenants Action Committee, Old Town Gardens
George Vickers: North Shore Suburban Organization for Fair Housing
Addie Wyatt: United Packinghouse Workers

Charley Brown: chief marshal
Leo Holt: legal adviser
Don Rose: public relations adviser
Dick Murray: ecology adviser

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