Minutes, Montgomery NAACP, December 13, 1955
Rosa Parks, Secretary

[This meeting took place 12 days after the arrest of Rosa Parks and 9 days after commencement of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.]

12-13-55 Mr. R.L. Matthews, Pres. presiding

Special NAACP Ex Community. Prayer by Mr. W.D. Jones. Meeting called at request of Mr. W.C. Patton Field Secretary. Interest in recent case. Called Atty Gray almost daily. Local NAACP should be first on scene, want to know what action will be taken. Commended Montgomery Improvement Association for protest of bus condition. Patton had conf. with atty Gray, King - Parks. She is willing NAACP to take case to the the fullest extent of the law. Atty Gray answered several legal questions pertaining to the cases. The next step is the Circuit Court unless it could be put in Federal Court.

Mr. Pierce move NAACP defend Parks case, Barnes sec. Mrs. Carr unready asked if Dr. King's committee continues. Mr. Patton said it will continue as it is on pressure and NAACP will take legal side. The motion carried.

Rev, Abernathy asked who is responsible for the Branch not making statement on case. Mr. Patton said the Pres, in the absence of Ex com and Branch should act.

Mr. Pierce Mr. Atty Gray be paid 100.00 Retainer fee. Per case. Bray sec. Mot. Carried.

Rev. Abernathy was named chairman of the Findd raising campaign for Parks case.

Mr. Patton said he would serve on membership campaign for the spring.

Atty Gray said now is a good time to have a membership campaign, Rev. King said campaign should be well organized.

Memberships and Fund raising campaign should be organized in Jan. to Climax in Feb.

Barnes moved Mr. W C P. be invited down to aid the Ch. of, membership dr. when needed. Rev King secd. Motion carried.

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