Minutes, Montgomery NAACP, August 14, 1955
Rosa Parks, Secretary

August 14, 1955
Montgomery, Alabama NAACP Minutes
Rosa Parks

Metropolitan M.E. Church
W. Jeff Davis Ave.
Montgomery, Ala
Sunday Aug 14, 1955

The meeting of the Montgomery Branch NAACP was called to order at 4:00 P.M. by the President Mr. R.L. Matthews. Prayer was offered by Mr. W.D. Jones.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the secretary, Rosa L. Parks. Mr. Jones moved for adoption of the minutes. Mr. Willard Upshaw seconded the motion. It was caried.

Pres. Matthews called the attention of the group of two new members being placed on the Branch Executive Committee replacing Mr. George Williams, deceased, and Rev. N.L. Trout, who left the city. The new members are Rev. M.L. King, Pastor of Dexter Ave Baptist Church and Mr. W.J. Hagely, both men have done commendable in the branch this year. The group seemed in complete accord with their being placed on the executive committee. The secretary was requested by the president to write them an official notice to this effect.

The Women's Day program will be Aug 21 at 3:30 P.M. at the Holt St. Baptist Church. Mrs. Polly Ann Myers Hudson will be the speaker. She will be introduced by Miss Arthurine Lucy. These yung women were successful in winning the right to enter the University of Ala. Tusacloosa, throught the course after being denied entrance in 1952. All present were asked by the president to support this program

A carbon copy of a letter the Executive Committee had requested the secretary to write the treasurer, Rev H.G. Bell was read by the secretary. He had called in person at the secretary home, but could not be present in the meeting due to a relapse with his foot. The president explained how the money is deposited by the secretary or pres. during the Treasurer's illness. All money is paid out of the treasury by checks.

Atty Fred D. Gray announced that about 100 men were mailed letters of meeting Tues. night at the Pilgrim Ins. Office at 7:30 to plan for the men's Day program on the 4th Sunday and reviewed membership campaign. Mr. Barnes said we should encourage people to get registered to vote, Pres. Matthews has sample aapplication blank and offered assistance through the branch, to any who may need it before going to register.

The President said people are waiting for us to ask them to join the NAACP. We can not get numbers by just saying casually they should join. We must take time to sell the NAACP, explaining the work and accomplishments of the organizing.

Finacial Report
[Pierce] 1. Duncan, Ester L. Mrs 634 Woodrow St. z.8 2.00
[Parks] 2. Parks, Rosa L Mrs. 634 Cleveland Crt. z.8 2.00
[Matthews]    3. Barnett, Alfred Mr. 3211 Mobile Dr. z.8 2.00
[ " ] 4. Bell, Joanna Mrs. Rt 2 Box 82, Ramer 2.00
[Pierce] 5. Bibb, Curlie B 2059 Luverne St 8 2.00
[Pryor] 6. Brown, David L. Mr 826 W. Jeff Davis Ave 8 2.00
[Pierce] 7. Burton, Elna Miss, 1716-29th Ave Tuscaloona 2.00
[ " ] 8. Clayton, Jamie L. Mrs. 843 Cleveland Ave 2.00
[Matthews] 9. Cooks, A.L. Mr. 566 S. Bainbridge St. 2.00
[Barnes] 10. DeRamus, Ethel Belle Miss, 714 Kimball St. 2.00
[ " ] 11. Durden, George W. Mr. 12-A A Thorington Rd    2.00
[J. Jones] 12. Jackson, John Mr. 813 N. Union St 2.00
[C. Lee] 13. Lee, Lucy C Miss, 1564 Westcott St 2.00
[Matthews] 14. Marsh, M.B. Mrs. 618 Bullock St 2.00
[ " ] 15. Matthews, Leatha C. Mrs. 1000 Ewell St 2.00
[Pierce] 16. Morris, Thelma S. Mrs. 1015 Hutchinson 2.00
[ " ] 17. Ragland, Leon Mr. 1113 Tuscaloosa 2.00
[ " ] 18. Ragland, Leon Mrs. 1113 2.00
[Jones] 19. Robinson, Aaron Sr. Mr. Rt 4 Box 269 2.00
[Pierce] 20. Snipes, Matie P. Miss 484 S. Jackson St 2.00
[D. Jones] 21. Thomas, Joe T.Rev. Rt 1 Box 217-B 2.00
[Matthews] 22. Thomas, Laura Mrs. 828 Davis St 2.00
[S. Wilson] 23. Wilson, Elise Shiltos Mrs. 562 S. Union 2.00
[Jones] 24. Williams, Joseph Mr. 1126 Oak St 2.00
Final payment by Dr. and Mrs. E.L. Maxwell on $10.00 and
$5.00 Membership's respectively
Money for Mrs. Bell's membership paid in contribution 2.00
Total receipts 57.00

The meeting was adjourned
    R.L. Matthews, Pres
    Rosa L. Parks, Sec'y

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