Minutes, Montgomery NAACP, January 9, 1955
Rosa Parks, Secretary

January 9, 1955
Montgomery, Alabama NAACP Minutes
Rosa Parks

Metropolitan M.E. Church
W.Jeff Davis Ave.
Montgomery, Ala
Sunday Jan 9,1955

The Montgomery Branch NAACP meeting was opened 4:00p.m. with Mr. R.H. Mathews, President, presiding. Devotion included prayer and song, "This is My Story".

Opening remarks by State Conference President Mr. W.C. Patton. Concerning the drive for life memberships. He also explained some aspects of the Jeremiah Reeves case relative to the Branch and State Conference concerning. He mentioned writing a letter to Gov. elect James Folsom in protest of the segregated inaugarel ballat the Ala. State College.

There was further discussion of the Reeves Case about the Montgomery Branch paying the lawyer's fees. Mr. J.E. Pierce moved that the Montgomery Branch go on record continuing the case. Mr. Upshaw seconded the motion. It was carried. It was also agreed that the State Conference also stay with it.

Prof. Pierce moved that we oppose most strenuously, the segregated inauguaral ball on Jan. 17. Mr. Williams seconded the motion. It was carried.

Mr. E.D. Nixon gave a report of the committee who called in Charles Pinkston, Chairman of the Inaugural committee in protest of the jim crow Ball. He commended the committee's forthright stand even though Pinkston said the ball would proceed as planned.

The Reeves case was brought back to the floor by Mr. L.L. Allen, who moved that the same lawyer, P.A. Hall and Orzell Billingley, be retained in the Reeves case. The motion was second by Rev. J.C. Parker and carried. Mrs. Carr asked about the deadline for raising money needed for the case. It is needed immediately.

Rev. R.D. Abernathy presented Rev. M.L. King Pastor of Dexter Ave. Baptist Church who gave the installation address of the branch and woman's auxiliary. In his charge, Rev. King stated that our offices called for a great deal of work, reserve and thinking. We have come a long way, but still have a long way to go. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who made possible the Supreme Court decision of May 17. He was happy that we condemmed the segregated Ball. All officers and Executive Committee stood for presentation to the audience.

The next meeting will be at the Hall Street Baptist Church.

Finacial Report

[R. Parks] 1. Crittenden, S.T. Mr. 1000 Mill St. 2.00
["    ] 2. Hazely, Willie J. Mr. 1514 Hill St. 2.00
[R. Mathew] 3. Relf, Nelson B. Mr. 1010 Early St. 2.00
[R. Smith] 4. Smith, Benjamin Rev. 792 S. Holt St. 2.00
[L.M. Arrington]   5. Turner, Jim Mr. 1624 Oak St. Apt. C. 2.00
Total Memberships 10.00

Contributions by Mr. Nixon on Educational Fund paid by Mrs. Willease Simpson 10.00    
Brought Forward 10.00  
Rev J.C. Parker on pledge 1.00
Mr. Jim Turner (with membership) .10
Total Contribution 11.10  
Total receipts of meeting        21.10

The meeting adjourned

Mr. R.L. Matthews, President, absent
Mr. R.L. Barnus, Vice President, presiding
Mrs. Rosa L. Parks, Secretary.

The Emancipation program proceeds according to Mr. Matthews verbal report to secretary $460.00

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