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The Southern Freedom Movement

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This section contains articles and resources about specific Movement events and aspects.

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Voting Rights History — Two Centuries of Struggle
 Voting Rights — Are You "Qualified" to Vote?
 Birmingham Segregation Laws
Nonviolent Resistance
1960Sit-Ins of 1960
1960Rock Hill & Charlotte Sit-ins
1961Freedom Rides
1961-63Struggle for Voting Rights in Mississippi ~ The Early Years [PDF]
1961-67  SNCC Organizing Presence in Alabama: A Partial Timeline
1963Got To Thinking... The Movement in Holmes Co, MS
1963Freedom Now! — Birmingham, AL
1963Test for Nonviolence — Birmingham, AL
1963March on Washington
1963-64  St. Augustine Movement
1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer — Memories
1964 McComb Mississippi Incidents & Events
1964-2008 Neshoba Murders Case — A Chronology
1966Grenada Mississippi — Chronology of a Movement
 Movement Documents
 Movement Photos
 Movement Posters
Pins of the Freedom Movement
Tributes to Women of the Freedom Movement

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