The Civil Rights Movement in the 20th Century
James Farmer (CORE), 1986

Class Lecture & Reflection Transcripts
University of Mary Washington, Fredricksburg, MD

From The James L. Farmer Collection of lecture & reflection videos and transcripts from Civil Rights course taught by James Farmer in 1986 at University of Mary Washington, Fredricksburg, MD. Reflections compiled and produced by WNVT-TV, University of Mary Washington.

Lecture Transcripts:

Civil Rights Movement Overview —  Video
Militant Resistance and the Harlem Riots —  Video
Course Exam Review and Q&A —  Video

Reflection Segment Transcripts

  1. Freedom Movement of the 1940s-1960s —  Video
  2. Beginning of the Nonviolence Movement of the 1940s-1960s  —  Video
  3. The Creation of the Freedom Rides —  Video
  4. The Beginning of the Freedom Rides —  Video
  5. Malcolm X, Nation of Islam, Debate at Cornell —  Video
  6. Malcolm X, Changing Perspectives, Untimely Death —  Video
  7. March on Washington, Visit to Plaquemine, LA —  Video
  8. Plaquemine, LA, Escape from Mob —  Video
  9. Freedom Summer, Missing CORE Volunteers —  Video
  10. Freedom Summer, Death of CORE Volunteers —  Video
  11. Bogalusa, LA movement, Deacons of Defense and Justice —  Video
  12. The Struggle for Identity Among Black Activists —  Video
  13. Illiteracy and the Center for Community Action Education —  Video


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