Audio Recordings
SCLC-SCOPE 50th Anniversary Reunion
October 1-4, 2015 ~ Atlanta, Georgia

Thursday evening, October 1

Opening Reception & Welcome — John Reynolds, SCLC

Friday, October 2

Veterans Roll Call, SCLC & SCOPE members
Keynote Address, Bernard Lafayette, SCLC
Remarks, Dr. Charles Steele, SCLC
Group Discussions, Freedom Movement veterans ~ Friday Morning
Grouped by where they worked, veterans share some of their stories.
     Alabama activists #1
     Alabama activists #2
     Georgia activists
     North Carolina & Virginia activists
     South Carolina activists #1
     South Carolina activists #2
     SCLC Atlanta staff
Group Discussions, Freedom Movement veterans ~ Friday Afternoon
     Georgia activists continued
     South Carolina activists continued
     SCLC Atlanta staff continued
     Crenshaw County AL activists
     Women in the Freedom Movement
     Evaluating our Work in the Freedom Movement
     Nonviolence: How Can it be Used Today?
Hosea Williams Tribute Banquet ~ Friday Evening
     Welcome & Tribute, John Reynolds, Barbara Williams Emerson, & others
     Tribute continued, Barbara Emerson, John Reynolds, & many others

Saturday, October 3

Morning Panels
     SCLC Leadership Panel, John Reynolds, Richard Smiley, Bruce Hartford
     SCOPE legacy Panel, Maria Gitin, Jo Freeman
General Group Discussions, Freedom Movement veterans ~ Saturday Afternoon
(Regardless of group topic, all the groups had wide-ranging discussions.)
     Affect of the Movement
     Successes & Challenges & Where Do We Go From Here
     Challenges & Successes
     Impact of the Movement on Our Lives
     Impact of the Freedom Movement
     SCLC & SCOPE Challenges & Successes

Sunday, October 5

Mass Meeting & Non-Denominational Service

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