50th Anniversary Commemoration of Medgar Evers
June 5 — June 11
Jackson, MS and Washington, DC

Tentative Proposed Activity Calendar for Medgar Evers Commemoration 2013

Wednesday, June 5

Media Symposium: Newseum
Memorial Service: Arlington National Cemetery

Friday, June 7

Homecoming activities: Charles Evers Production
Homecoming Scholarship Dinner

Saturday, June 8

Homecoming activities: Charles Evers Production
Homecoming Parade
Sunday, June 9
Memorial and racial reconciliation service: St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral

Monday, June 10

Where Medgar Walked:
     Farish Street Tour, John R. Lynch Street Tour/COFO
     Masonic Temple/JSU Tougaloo College Tour, Medgar Evers Home
     Museum Tour/Downtown Jackson Tour/Alamo Film Festival/
     Smith-Robertson Museum
     Medgar Evers Exhibit/Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Medgar Evers Exhibit

Tuesday, June 11

Youth Congress/William Winter Institute/MMEI:
Jackson Convention Complex Trustmark
     Ballroom, Meeting Rooms
     Plenary sessions/breakouts/luncheon
     Alamo Film Festival

Wednesday, June 12

Day of Remembrance - Community Celebration on the Green
MMA opening exhibit/portraits of Medgar and Myrlie Evers
     Author's corner
     MMEI Exhibit
     Children's activities
     Seniors' activities
     College convocation
     Scholars panel
     Health fair
     Food fair
     Music festival
Mississippi Museum of Art
Jackson Convention Complex Lobby
Tribute Dinner: Jackson Convention Complex
Youth Congress Presentation
Concert of Thanksgiving: Jackson Convention Complex

All activities in Jackson, MS accept for June 5th

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