Sworn Affadavits of Police Brutality & Violence in Mississippi

Originally published in Mississippi Black Paper, 1965

[In June of 1964, Neshoba County Mississippi Sheriff Lawrence Rainey, other law-enforcement officers, and the Ku Klux Klan conspired to lynch voting-rights activists James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman who were civil rights workers participating in Freedom Summer. The Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) brought a civil-suit in federal court against Sheriff Rainey and law-enforcement officials throughout the state for an injunction against the use of "force, violence, or any terroristic act" by police and law-enforcement agencies aimed at preventing people "from exercising their rights, privileges, and immunities as citizens of the United States." In support of this suit, 257 sworn affidavits describing police brutality and misconduct were presented in evidence. This section contains samples of those affidavits.]

Elizabeth Allen (Regarding assasination of Louis Allen, January 1964.)
MacArthur Cotton (Regarding police suppression of voting rights, June 1963.)
George Greene (Regarding car chase & shooting, November 1963.)
Fannie Lou Hamer (Regarding Winona MS police brutality, June 1963)
Jesse Harris (Regarding Freedom Ride arrest, courtroom segregation, police and prison brutality, 1961-1962.)
June Johnson (Regarding Winona MS police brutality, June 1963.)
Annell Ponder (Regarding Winona MS police brutality, June 1963.)
E.W. Steptoe (Regarding police and KKK intimidation, 1954-1964.)
Lafayette Surney (Regarding police & prison brutality, August 1963.)
Jimmy Travis (Regarding shooting by white racists, February 1963.)

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