Freedom Summer 1964 Press Releases

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Press Releases

5/26/64SNCC Whites Organize to Oppose Mississippi Summer Project
UndatedCOFO Sunflower County, MS
June 1964
6/64COFO Negro First in Eastland's Back Yard, Indianola, MS.
6/24/64COFO Negro Community Hit by Coke Bottles, Ruleville, MS
6/24/64COFO Registrar Accepts Negroes at Indianola, Sunflower County, MS.
6/25/64 COFO Molotov Cocktail Hits Negro Church, Ruleville, MS.
6/24/64COFO Press release by parents of Freedom Summer volunteers (re their delegation to Washington)
6/27/64SNCC Mississippi State Patrolman Kills Negro, Doddsville, MS
July 1964
7/1/64SNCC Ruleville Project Meets ATAC, Ruleville, MS
7/1/64SNCC Negro Fired for Housing Rights Workers, Ruleville, MS.
7/1/64CORE CORE press release re "Freedom Registration and Registrars" in Louisiana, July 1, 1964
7/3/64SNCC Four Congressmen Join Civil Rights Rally, Ruleville, MS.
7/4/64SNCC Ruleville Freedom School Opens, MS.
7/5/64SNCC Ruleville Police Arrest Segregationist, MS.
7/7/64SNCC SNCC Workers Call Police Bluff, Ruleville, MS.
07/07/64COFO Press release re shootings in Moss Point, Mississippi
7/8/64SNCC SNCC Worker Thrown Out of Voter Registration Office, Ruleville, MS.
7/9/64SNCC Library Bars SNCC Workers, Indianola, MS.
7/9/64SNCC Bombing Won't Halt SNCC Drive, McComb, MS.
7/9/64CORE CORE press release re civil rights testing in Monroe LA, July 9, 1964
07/09/64SNCC No Negroes on Jury, so Court Frees White SNCC Worker
7/64COREFormat of Concluding Activities of Summer Project, Richard Haley. Lousiana.
7/21/64CORE CORE press release: 15 Arrested in CORE Library Test in Monroe LA, July 21, 1964
7/23/64CORE CORE Meets Resistance Testing Civil Rights Act in Louisiana, New Orleans, LS.
07/27/64MFDP Statement of the MFDP on Compromise Proposals
07/27/64MFDP Press release re statement on "concialiatory suggestion"
7/28/64SNCC Mississippi Church Burnings Continue
August 1964

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