Documents From the Albany & Southwest Georgia Movements

Proposal by SNCC and Program for Albany GA Meeting, November 15, 1961. Albany Movement

Dear Friend (memo to supporters re Christmas cards), Albany Movement. December 10, 1961

Albany Manifesto, Albany Movement, July 15, 1962.

Albany Freedom Ride Letters and Chronology (GA)   Joan Browning

Albany Movement flyer, date unknown.

SNCC voter registration campaign (Albany GA) — Author unknown

Letter From Albany GA, Faith Holsaert, SNCC

Report on First Mass Meeting in Sumter County (GA), Faith Holsaert, SNCC

Weekly Report (Southwest GA), John O'Neal, SNCC 1962 Letter to Wiley Branton of VEP About Albany Georgia    Penny Patch, SNCC

The Lee County Movement, A Bid For Freedom (GA)   Charles Wingfield

Student Voice, Albany GA, Vol I, No. 3, Spring 1963.

Halt Justice Department Persecution. SNCC petition distributed at March on Washington to oppose the Federal "Jury Tampering" Frameup in Albany GA.

Journal (Southwest Georgia)  Dennis Roberts.

Letter From Albany, GA, Miriam Cohen, SNCC

Letter to Don Harris' Father re Jailed Son, Julian Bond, SNCC

Upside Down Justice - the Albany Case, National Committee for the Albany Defendants ~ SCEF. Undated, probably 1964.

Southwest Georgia Project Report/Proposals   Charles Sherrod, SNCC.

Americus and Baker County, (GA, SNCC Research)

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